Interactive Workshops

We created Live Learn Survive because so many children and young adults are drowning, and education is the key.

Saving Lives by making learning fun

So many distractions can make listening and concentrating difficult for many children, so we hold our workshops anywhere, from classroom to playground, sports hall or even the park, all we need is the floor and a few pencils.

Our workshops teach Fire & Water Safety in a practical way, ideally in groups of 50 and last approximately 60 minutes, they are:-





What we do:

  • Beach Safety Education, understanding beach signage and how to stay safe at the beach
  • Surf Education, recognising a rip, and learning where is it safe to swim?
  • Survival skills if you find yourself in trouble in open water
  • Self-Care in the sun, how to look after and protect your health in summer
  • Question and Answer Session to re-cap learning
  • Opportunity for every child to receive the Maxi the Lifeguard fun, educational fictional book

Who are they for:

  • Children aged between 8 and 12
  • Teenagers 12 – 17
  • 1st year University students

Where do we go?

  • Anywhere in Australia
  • We are fully mobile so can hold workshops in any location be it city, country or outback

It is our vision to give every child and young adult – no matter their location or background, the opportunity to learn key lifesaving skills so they achieve their full potential in life.

School & library talks

Maxi is available for school & library talks – 60 minutes with Questions & Answers.
There is also the option to buy Maxis books.

Teachers notes

If you want Maxi to bring his Live Learn Survive Program to your school, club or organisation please contact us today!

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